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April 19 2017

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A polar bear cub discovering the joy of bubbles

Oh my gosh baby

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PETA Is A Joke






I’m sorry, but this is so fucking stupid. PETA is claiming that this is what a sheep looks like after it has been sheared. In case you were wondering, this is what a sheep ACTUALLY looks like after it has been sheared:


And that isn’t some “best case” scenario, believe me, I live in a place that has more sheep than people, and all sheared sheep look like that. It does not hurt the animal at all, aside from perhaps the odd slip with the shears resulting in a minor graze. In fact, shearing sheep is necessary for their wellbeing, because domesticated sheep do not shed their wool like a non domesticated sheep would, which can to them looking like this:


This is Shrek, yes, that is actually his name, notice how you can’t see his legs or face? That’s not good. He is a sheep who escaped his field and went wandering for six years, resulting in a sixty pound fleece. This is actually dangerous because it can cause overheating and if they get on their back the weight stops them from getting up again, they can die from this. PETA really cares about money and attention more than animals.

So yeah, fuck PETA, buy wool…and while you’re at it buy some goddamn honey because the bees need the help.

After Shrek was sheared:



I legitimately teared up at this

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If only.

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April 16 2017

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A Blindworm being eaten alive by a Viper. This Photo won Best Nature Photo of the Year 2013 Competition in Finland.

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